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1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered

1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered

1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered   1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered

The 4G version can only use the SIM card to connect to the Internet, and cannot connect to the WIFI router; The WIFI version can only connect to the WIFI router, but cannot use the SIM card to connect to the Internet. 4G version can not be used in North America. If you in the US CA, please choose WIFI version. This product is available in two colors. Black and grey as shown in the picture.

The camera actually takes pictures. Why choose our solar camera?

Simple and convenient installation No network cable, no power cable. 100% wireless connection, Accurate human body induction alarm, accurate video recording, saving storage space. The battery can be replaced freely to avoid throwing away the whole camera due to battery failure. The length of the solar panel cable is 3M, the installation position is free, and the charging is faster. The camera has two power supply modes, 1.

Solar panel power supply, 2. The solar panel power indicator has an automatic power detection function, which can automatically operate to supply power to the camera, and the camera will not be offline due to network failures. Please confirm your options before placing an order.

Option 1: WIFI camera Add battery, NO TF Card. Option 2: WIFI camera Add battery, 32GB TF Card Option 3: WIFI camera Add battery, 64GB TF Card Option 4: WIFI camera Add battery, 128GB TF Card Option 5: 4G camera Add battery, NO TF Card. Option 6: 4G camera Addbattery, 32GB TF Card Option 7: 4G camera Add battery, 64GB TF Card Option 8: 4G camera Add battery, 128GB TF Card. Q:What app to use.

Q :Can the 4G version support WIFI? A:The 4G version can only use the SIM card to connect to the Internet, and cannot connect to the WIFI router.

Q: Is the battery included? The maximum capacity of the battery is 18000mah, which can work continuously for 365 days. Q:Is a SIM card included? The SIM card supports most telecom operators in the world.

The 4G version has a built-in 6PCS battery, and the WIFI version has a built-in 3PCS battery. Can work long hours for 365 days. Built-in two high-power 850nm infrared lights and two white lights to achieve full color at night.

When someone enters the monitoring area, the camera buzzer will sound, which acts as a deterrent. It can be turned on and off through the APP setting.

The wide-angle lens is 130°, and the irradiation area is wide. Support PTZ control, 320° left and right, 90° vertical. 5DB high-power receiving antenna, wireless transmission distance is longer, 4G/WIFI signal is better and stable. PIR human body detection, when there is a person or a car, the camera is activated and the video is saved to the TF card or cloud storage. 4W high-power speaker with clear sound. 265X new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable and durable. Free 30 days of cloud storage, data security is more stable 1 times. What does the product include. Solar fixing bracket 1PCS 5. Built-in 18650 Battery 7.32GB/64GB/128GB storage card(Optional). Where can it be installed? The camera is used outdoors and can be installed on your doorstep, garage, villa, or in the field using the SIM card version. How to set up a home security system?

4 solar cameras are installed in 4 corners of the house. Keep the distance between the router and each camera no more than 25M. A camera is installed at the door, when someone comes to the door, the camera starts and records. Insert the memory card into the camera to save the video. When needed, check the video through the APP.

PIR is passive infrared detector, which can detect human bodies and large animals, so that the camera can reduce false alarms. The effective sensing distance of PIR is 12M. When someone approaches, the camera starts to push messages to the APP. When humans, large animals and moving cars enter the surveillance area, the cameras activate and start recording. It can be watched remotely through the mobile APP, at any time, anywhere. For example, when you are out, the courier sends a package, you can talk to the remote. Ask him to put the package in the designated place.

Two ways of audio voice at the same time, intercom anytime and anywhere. Support pan tilt rotation control, horizontal:320°&vertical:90°, let you see more and more. 3X electronic zoom, details can be seen more clearly. You can zoom in on object details at a distance of 15M. Support iphone and Android system.

This product supports iphone and Android systems, and can easily talk in two-way time. The pixel of this product is 2mp, the projection distance is about 15m, the wide-angle lens is adopted, the irradiation area is wide, and the video playback is simple and convenient. Low energy consumption, 24H standby.

When someone enters the surveillance area, the camera starts and records. When a person leaves the monitoring area, the camera enters the sleep mode, and the power consumption is lowest at this time.

The camera 300ms quick start and video, important information will not be missed. The solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery, which powers the camera. The solar panel has a built-in battery and works independently of the camera. If a fault occurs, it is easy to eliminate and solve the fault.

Please install the panel in a place where the sunlight can reach directly. Ensure that the daily sunshine time is about 4 hours.

How to correctly choose the battery of the solar camera? As we all know, the battery life has a certain time. Once you choose a camera with a non-standard battery, after a period of use, the battery fails, and the entire camera will have to be thrown away. It is the right choice. Other cameras use non-standard batteries, once the battery fails, the entire camera has to be thrown away, wrong choice.

For example: camera for pictures. The 4G version has a built-in 6PCS battery, The WIFI version has a built-in 3PCS battery. Method 1: The camera is powered by the solar panel. Independent power supply, separate mode, convenient for installation, testing and troubleshooting. Method 2: The camera can be powered by a 5V2A power adapter.

The camera and solar panel are designed separately for easy troubleshooting. Effectively guarantee the use of the product. Solar panel cable 3M is better for panel charging. Our camera The total length of camera and panel cable is 3M The location where the solar panel is installed can choose a sunny place, and the charging speed is faster. The waterproof level is IP66 and can be used in various outdoor environments. About TF card storage time. 32GB: Starts 200 times a day, and can be stored for about 30 days. It also supports TF storage, up to 128GB memory card. Choose the 4G or WIFI version of the camera that suits you. Please select a version configuration you need. The 4G version supports SIM card, and the WIFI version requires a WIFI router. Please choose the version you want to use correctly. WIFI version: WIFI router is required, SIM card cannot be used. 4G version: Insert a SIM card to use, and cannot connect to a WIFI router. Supports SIM cards of most mainstream operators in the world. Two modes of night vision. This product has two modes at night, one image is black and white, illuminated by 850nm infrared light, and the other image is true color illuminated by white light. Users can choose through APP. Human body infrared sensor floodlight mode. When someone enters, the light turns on and goes out after 15 seconds. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics\Home Surveillance\Security Cameras". The seller is "zon0-1316" and is located in this country: CN. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Models: Wifi
  • SD Card: No SD card
  • Battery Included: Yes
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Color: Black
  • Color Mode: Color Day, B&W Night
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Location: Outdoor & Indoor
  • Model: Atomic Beam Cop Cam
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Surveillance Technology: PTZ
  • Type: Surveillance Camera

1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered   1080P 4G /Wifi Solar Panel PTZ Security Wireless Camera Solar & Battery Powered